The Media Club Constitution

The Constitution of the Media Club


We, the members of the SP Jain Media Club, solemnly swear to tell the truth through our content, and make the best possible quality content that follows the ethics of the 4 campuses of SP Jain:

LIBERTY of thought, expression, creation, belief and faith;

EQUALITY of status and opportunity and to promote among them all;

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the UNITY and INTEGRITY of the club.

In our Constitution, the twenty-seventh of September, 2021 do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves this constitution.

Article 1: The Projects Hierarchy

Article 2: Club Events

The Media Club will always have six major teams and projects:

  1. The Podcast: The Media Club will always be airing podcast episodes to recap SP Jain news as well as international events around the world. The podcast will also include interviews with people from SP Jain and outside as well. Other miscellaneous topics up to the Podcasting Team.
  2. The Jaguar Times Blog: The Media Club’s news blog has to be updated weekly with news and articles about topics around SP Jain and the world. Other miscellaneous topics up to the discretion of the blogging team.
  3. The Social Media Team: The Social Media Team of the SP Jain Media Club will be making Instagram and TikTok content about various topics discussed by the Team and the Club, related to student life and international topics.
  4. The Talk-Show: The Talk-Show will be a visual show for IGTV, which will include interviews, discussions and/or skits (alongside other topics up to the Talk-Show team and the Media Club) that will be created regularly as well.
  5. The Valour Magazine: The Valour Magazine is an annual/bi-annual magazine that is written, designed and published by the SP Jain Media Club that will be worked upon by the club based upon the design guidelines provided beforehand, for consistency’s sake. The Magazine’s content and design will be finalized and approved by the Global Learning and Student Life Office, whose head will check it for consistency and quality.
  6. The Audio-Visual Team: The Audio-Visual Team will be working behind-the-scenes to edit, design, photograph and record for the other projects, assisting them with the technical side of the projects.

Article 3: Club Rules

  1. You have to attend 80% of the meetings to be eligible for the certificate. (If you will miss a meeting please inform your respective department head 24 hours prior)
  2. As part of a team, always work to ensure that your content is always finished a minimum of 24 hours before the publishing deadline.
  3. The 4 Heads positions will always be handled by senior students from the Australia campus (Years 3 and 4).
  4. Other than the quality of work, being a team player is the most important thing to work properly and succeed in the media club. 
  5. Uniformity in content quality and design is to be maintained between different episodes of the content, between different semesters and different heads after the years change.
  6. The members of the club shall not make any content that may be considered offensive to the ethics of SP Jain as an institution.

Article 4: A Surprise (To Be Announced Later)

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