Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra

Crimson Memories I see an ashen sky, streaks of metal birds fleetingI hear the ghosts’ silence, past the bullets’ echoes lingeringI feel the earth tremble, tremble pens, hearts, and hands,Taste metal, beer, fear; smell gasoline, wastelands Leave this inferno, I adjure,Your soul does not belong, so pure We saw stars stretched across the Stygian sky,Continue reading “Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra”

Graduating: How Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Fill In The Dots…

Excerpts taken from Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’ It’s unfathomable how it all started from receiving an acceptance letter in high school. That letter was the beginning of my journey to three entirely different countries all by myself. This journey helped me make a lot of friends, have a lot of experiences, and live aContinue reading “Graduating: How Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Fill In The Dots…”