She Taught me How to be Fearless

I don’t remember a lot of things from my elementary school days. I blame that on the fact that I was bullied for all those 6 years, so there was nothing really worth remembering other than a few moments like my 6th-grade graduation, Sports days, and that one moment in our 3rd-grade field trip whereinContinue reading “She Taught me How to be Fearless”

A True Friend

I never liked depending on anyone. Growing up the first kid in a Filipino household, you are never really raised up to believe nor to think that you need anyone but yourself.  It can be a lonely existence sometimes but when you’ve been at it for more than 17 years you get used to it. Continue reading “A True Friend”

Friendships Take Time

Approaching people always seems difficult when you’re in a completely new place, barely knowing a handful of people and not even one of them might be in your class? It gets scary because the anxiety starts to well up at the prospect of leaving your comfortable bubble of familiar people. Questions run through your headContinue reading “Friendships Take Time”