The History of the Suffragette Movement

For centuries women had minimal rights, even till this day women are still fighting for their rights. Many of the rights women have in the present have been obtained through immense pain and suffrage, especially the right to vote. Women were not seen as responsible enough and I dare say were in a way seenContinue reading “The History of the Suffragette Movement”

Did no One kill Jessica?

A tale of 2 women fighting for justice in a city where power rules all. No One Killed Jessica follows the real-life murder case of model and celebrity bartender Jessica Lal who was shot to death for refusing to serve drinks after closing the bar to a politician’s son in the summer of 1999 TheContinue reading “Did no One kill Jessica?”

GirlUp Sydney’s Recommendations for Women-Driven Shows

“Umm, what new series do I watch?” is a question we often ask ourselves. Here are some recommendations, about some female-driven shows that are entertaining, gripping, and above all, a celebration of how women make their lives better for themselves.  The Bold Type This show is about 3 women who work for a company thatContinue reading “GirlUp Sydney’s Recommendations for Women-Driven Shows”

Inspiring Women Icons in Real Life and On the Screen

Note: This article is divided into 2 parts: Part 1 is “Of Fan Favourites and Modern Womanhood” and Part 2 is “Inspiring Women Icons”. Part 1 – Of Fan Favourites and Modern Womanhood:  Most of us love Friends and Brooklyn 99. These shows, as loved for their comedy, also offered a pretty intriguing glimpse intoContinue reading “Inspiring Women Icons in Real Life and On the Screen”

Gendered Morality by Zahra Ayubi – A Review

Summary: Zahra Ayubi’s book examines the gendered ethics of 3 pivotal works in Islamic ethical thought. Throughout the book, she establishes that these works are intrinsically demeaning to women and men of social classes and that they rather promote a vision of an ethical society built by and enforced by elite men. Such a hierarchyContinue reading “Gendered Morality by Zahra Ayubi – A Review”

Where Women Belong…

Beginning with the suffragettes and continuing with modern-day feminists, women and their allies have battled long and hard for their right to “belong”. Whether it was the right to vote or to occupy public office. As a result, a growing number of nations, like New Zealand (in 1893) and Saudi Arabia (in 2015), have grantedContinue reading “Where Women Belong…”

A Brief History of Feminism

Feminism is defined as social activism aimed towards women’s rights and gender equality. Women have fought for decades, nay centuries, for the rights they currently enjoy. In the year 1920 women in the United States got the right to vote after a suffrage movement that lasted for a century and a half in the historyContinue reading “A Brief History of Feminism”