Why Richard Grayson Is Thankfully a Hero

Richard John “Dick” Grayson made his debut as Batman’s partner-in-vigilantism in April of 1940 and quickly made his way to the top to be a fan favourite of the DC fans, a position of popularity he has held since to this day. His most notable trait is his sense of justice and his want toContinue reading “Why Richard Grayson Is Thankfully a Hero”

The Game Awards 2021: The Highlights

It’s that most wonderful time of the year. And I ain’t talking about Christmas cause I’m an Indian, Hindu, who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Our Christmas is Diwali and it’s long gone already. No, I’m talking about the 2021 Game Awards! The Game Awards: a three-hour-long event where the awards take backstage to trailers and announcements,Continue reading “The Game Awards 2021: The Highlights”