The Rabbit Hole of Taylor Swift Theories and Easter Eggs

Did y’all here know that Hideo Kojima recently tweeted about Red (Taylor’s Version) and how he loves it and is listening to it on his Walkman? Welp, Taylor Swift confirmed in Death Stranding 2 guys! Pack it up! We’re done here.  I’m just kidding. Partially. Kojima, please. Man loves to tweet about people he later invites for aContinue reading “The Rabbit Hole of Taylor Swift Theories and Easter Eggs”

I Remember It All Too Well… 

Taylor Swift has been painting beautiful scenes in our imaginations through her lyrics for years now but recently, on the 12th of November, she finally showed us what she wants us to see for one of her biggest songs, All too Well. The short film was entitled after the song, All Too Well, starred Dylan O’Brien andContinue reading “I Remember It All Too Well… “