The Fall of the Glorious Manchester United

Manchester United is a prestigious football club in the country of England that was founded back in 1878. When you hear Manchester United all you hear is glory and how much of a decorated club they are in England, if not the best club in England then definitely one of the best clubs in Europe.Continue reading “The Fall of the Glorious Manchester United”

LGBTQ+ people and the Olympic games

The Tokyo Olympics can be considered a miracle. It has not only succeeded in conducting the games in the middle of a worldwide pandemic and also have the most gender balanced group of participants in history, but can also boast about having a whopping 160+ openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer athletes than everContinue reading “LGBTQ+ people and the Olympic games”

A Female weightlifter’s opinions on how women’s bodies should look

Weightlifting has been a male dominated industry for decades. Why? Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of muscular women, as being buff has somehow become a muscular trait. This very reason is why many women are hesitant when entering the sport. A female weightlifter, Rene Campbell, looks to change the perception of what women’sContinue reading “A Female weightlifter’s opinions on how women’s bodies should look”