Omicron – Another One To Dominate All The Variants

On the 8th of November, 2021, the first sample of what would be eventually called the Omicron COVID variant was collected in South Africa. The variation was first brought to the public attention at a virtual press conference by the Health Department of South Africa on the 25th of November. On the 29th of November,Continue reading “Omicron – Another One To Dominate All The Variants”

Princess Mako

Since the dawn of time, there has always been a tale of a prince falling in love with a princess and spending a life happily ever after. The stories have since then branched out to forbidden tales of tragic romance and action, like Romeo Juliet and the Titanic (which in hindsight would not have beenContinue reading “Princess Mako”

Inspiring Women Icons in Real Life and On the Screen

Note: This article is divided into 2 parts: Part 1 is “Of Fan Favourites and Modern Womanhood” and Part 2 is “Inspiring Women Icons”. Part 1 – Of Fan Favourites and Modern Womanhood:  Most of us love Friends and Brooklyn 99. These shows, as loved for their comedy, also offered a pretty intriguing glimpse intoContinue reading “Inspiring Women Icons in Real Life and On the Screen”

Where Women Belong…

Beginning with the suffragettes and continuing with modern-day feminists, women and their allies have battled long and hard for their right to “belong”. Whether it was the right to vote or to occupy public office. As a result, a growing number of nations, like New Zealand (in 1893) and Saudi Arabia (in 2015), have grantedContinue reading “Where Women Belong…”

Gendering – A Deep Dive

Ditching an academic perspective in favor of a more personal one birthed this article. Before we start talking about the reasons for gendering, I just want to set the tone. This article is to be read as an exposé of what “the other side” has to offer. Feel free to disagree at any point inContinue reading “Gendering – A Deep Dive”

Breast Cancer Awareness – A History

As Christopher Reeve once said, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible”. Breast cancer was an unspoken condition for millennia, but it is only through hope and effort, that Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been tremendously successful in increasing the visibility of the most widespread cancer around the world. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was started byContinue reading “Breast Cancer Awareness – A History”

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Is Either Side Right?

Note: mentions mental health issues, sexual assault, and rape.  We often hear anti-maskers use the phrase, “my body, my choice”, but do we know what movement it first came about for? Sexual health has been a touchy topic in many countries all over the world and it usually stems from one topic; abortion.  In socialContinue reading “Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Is Either Side Right?”

Self-Love: A Journey To Self-Acceptance

Today, more and more people have started to question themselves about their sexuality as access to information on the internet has become easier, especially with the use of social media. There is an abundance of information that you can read up on about any topic that will interest you or you’re curious about. However, thoseContinue reading “Self-Love: A Journey To Self-Acceptance”

A Brief History of Feminism

Feminism is defined as social activism aimed towards women’s rights and gender equality. Women have fought for decades, nay centuries, for the rights they currently enjoy. In the year 1920 women in the United States got the right to vote after a suffrage movement that lasted for a century and a half in the historyContinue reading “A Brief History of Feminism”

Having a gendered view of the world

One of my closest friends is a trans-male and I once had a conversation with him about people’s perception of the world and how that factors in (or does not factor in) divergent people. The question we kept backing to was: When someone looks at a non-binary person, does the onlooker see a “person” orContinue reading “Having a gendered view of the world”