Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra

Crimson Memories I see an ashen sky, streaks of metal birds fleetingI hear the ghosts’ silence, past the bullets’ echoes lingeringI feel the earth tremble, tremble pens, hearts, and hands,Taste metal, beer, fear; smell gasoline, wastelands Leave this inferno, I adjure,Your soul does not belong, so pure We saw stars stretched across the Stygian sky,Continue reading “Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra”

Benevolence Within…

The heart beats for them around Compassionate eyes soft and brown Heart sinks when sorrow tales begin But where lies the compassion within? Around us, every day, we come across instances of kindness,  because yes humanity still prevails and yes, no matter how cruel the world seems to be there is still shreds of good inContinue reading “Benevolence Within…”

The Power of Music

Everyone has, at least once in their life, had an earworm. No, I do not mean a parasitic invertebrate, making a humble abode in the crevices of your ear, I mean the incessant repetition of a catchy tune, a melody that lives rent-free in your head until another one takes its place. Most have experiencedContinue reading “The Power of Music”

I am always sleepy, but whenever I feel healthy there is a huge disaster.

A Note from the year 2035 – It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been slightly sleepy throughout my whole life. I have always been woken up by my family and dragged out of bed every morning. I’ve drunk coffee and energy drinks every day since I was extremelyContinue reading “I am always sleepy, but whenever I feel healthy there is a huge disaster.”

To Believe, Or Not To Believe…

The universe told me a story. It told me how everything is always meant for something, that everything, absolutely everything has a purpose. Each leaf that falls, each step you take, every stone that flips, is all a part of the big puzzle. At the crossroads, every time you take a left instead of aContinue reading “To Believe, Or Not To Believe…”