Living through COVID in SP Jain Dubai

COVID in Dubai hit us out of the blue in the second half of 2021. One day there was 1 case in my building and a few days later, we had 40. How this happened is unclear. How we lived through it as students and the support the school offered is my story. It startedContinue reading “Living through COVID in SP Jain Dubai”

Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai

The popularity of bubble tea has finally found its way to Dubai and we’ve made a list of 4 bubble tea spots you must try in Dubai! Bubble tea is a popular trending drink originating from Taiwan. Basic bubble tea is essentially milk tea with boba. Boba or pearls are round chewy toppings made withContinue reading “Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai”


Changing schools was not a new event in my life, in fact, it happened so frequently to me I started expecting a reset in my school experience every two or three years. It was usually a mixture of anxiety and excitement, an event of change that had become the norm. My new 11th-grade classroom wasContinue reading “Kindness…”

Living the Dubai life

Student life in Dubai is exciting and yet a bit hard, fun and games go hand in hand with work and studies. Dubai is an enchanting place to not just study or shop but also to explore. With the EXPO open for 6 months, you have a chance to experience multiple countries in just oneContinue reading “Living the Dubai life”

Friendships Take Time

Approaching people always seems difficult when you’re in a completely new place, barely knowing a handful of people and not even one of them might be in your class? It gets scary because the anxiety starts to well up at the prospect of leaving your comfortable bubble of familiar people. Questions run through your headContinue reading “Friendships Take Time”

Maullika Rai: The Importance of Social Media to spread your brand

On the 10th of October, 2021, at 6 PM DXB, Miss Maullika Rai came to SP Jain to teach a workshop on how to make and market content and brands on social medias, specifically on Instagram. Miss Maullika is an Indian Instagram influencer with 36,000 followers and growing since her first post back in JanuaryContinue reading “Maullika Rai: The Importance of Social Media to spread your brand”