Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra

Crimson Memories I see an ashen sky, streaks of metal birds fleetingI hear the ghosts’ silence, past the bullets’ echoes lingeringI feel the earth tremble, tremble pens, hearts, and hands,Taste metal, beer, fear; smell gasoline, wastelands Leave this inferno, I adjure,Your soul does not belong, so pure We saw stars stretched across the Stygian sky,Continue reading “Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra”

Graduating: How Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Fill In The Dots…

Excerpts taken from Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’ It’s unfathomable how it all started from receiving an acceptance letter in high school. That letter was the beginning of my journey to three entirely different countries all by myself. This journey helped me make a lot of friends, have a lot of experiences, and live aContinue reading “Graduating: How Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Fill In The Dots…”

Living through COVID in SP Jain Dubai

COVID in Dubai hit us out of the blue in the second half of 2021. One day there was 1 case in my building and a few days later, we had 40. How this happened is unclear. How we lived through it as students and the support the school offered is my story. It startedContinue reading “Living through COVID in SP Jain Dubai”

Off to Australia… Finally After A 2 Year Wait

My Experience Flying to Australia After 2 Years of Lockdown No one told me how difficult it would be to adjust to online classes. Finding out while I was in Dubai that there was a pandemic came as a traumatic bombshell to me because it felt unbelievable to my eyes and my mind. I didn’tContinue reading “Off to Australia… Finally After A 2 Year Wait”

2022: Shall we begin again?

A very Happy New Year and a Happy New Semester (for some of you at least) to our Jaguars. How has the New Year been treating you? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Or do you not follow that tradition and instead prefer to make small but incremental changes throughout the year? Almost everyContinue reading “2022: Shall we begin again?”

Omicron – Another One To Dominate All The Variants

On the 8th of November, 2021, the first sample of what would be eventually called the Omicron COVID variant was collected in South Africa. The variation was first brought to the public attention at a virtual press conference by the Health Department of South Africa on the 25th of November. On the 29th of November,Continue reading “Omicron – Another One To Dominate All The Variants”

Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai

The popularity of bubble tea has finally found its way to Dubai and we’ve made a list of 4 bubble tea spots you must try in Dubai! Bubble tea is a popular trending drink originating from Taiwan. Basic bubble tea is essentially milk tea with boba. Boba or pearls are round chewy toppings made withContinue reading “Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai”

SP Jain Sydney Students: Welcome Back!

After one of the world’s longest and strictest COVID-19 lockdowns, Australia will finally be opening its borders for international students from the 15th of December, 2021 in a move welcomed by university students all over the world. International students contribute $31 billion to Australia’s economy each year. This is a relief to students studying andContinue reading “SP Jain Sydney Students: Welcome Back!”

My first group of friends in Singapore

It was dark. The common area lights were on outside my room, but my room was dark. The light from the outside filtered through the tiny window in my door that had been covered up with a piece of paper stating my name and roll number. This was how it was for all the studentsContinue reading “My first group of friends in Singapore”