The World’s Most Disappointing Business Leader – Elizabeth Holmes

In 2003, a Stanford University student, Elizabeth Holmes, had an idea to develop a wearable patch that could adjust the dosage of drug delivery and notify doctors of variables in patients’ blood. She began working on lab-on-a-chip technology for blood testing with the intention of founding a firm that would make blood tests more affordable,Continue reading “The World’s Most Disappointing Business Leader – Elizabeth Holmes”

Facebook – The Haugen Scandal

Facebook is facing an unprecedented crisis. Declarations brought to light from whistleblower Frances Haugen, an ex-data scientist at Facebook, has led to what may be the most threatening scandal in the company’s history, bigger and more massive than their previous “big scandal”, the Cambridge Analytica. On the 5th of October, Haugen testified against a UnitedContinue reading “Facebook – The Haugen Scandal”

The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality

What is the best place to start with Virtual Reality? Virtual Reality is something that is either going to revolutionize our world in ways not even smartphones have been able to, or it’s going to be the technological equivalent of Gretchen from Mean Girls, trying to make “Fetch” happen. Some people have a basic understandingContinue reading “The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality”