The History of the Suffragette Movement

For centuries women had minimal rights, even till this day women are still fighting for their rights. Many of the rights women have in the present have been obtained through immense pain and suffrage, especially the right to vote. Women were not seen as responsible enough and I dare say were in a way seenContinue reading “The History of the Suffragette Movement”

Mom? Mum? Mother? Mama?…

Many, many years ago, one of your earliest memories probably involve either a woman or a man whom you hold, or held, very dear to your heart. Every year, countries around the world celebrate the importance of these women who raised an entire generation, oftentimes doing a lot more work than their male counterparts forContinue reading “Mom? Mum? Mother? Mama?…”

Brandon Sanderson: One of the best authors today

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most well-known authors in the world but the people who are not well-versed fans of reading fantasy and science fiction probably do not know of him. He is not an author who has had a work of his adapted to the big screen yet, but one of them willContinue reading “Brandon Sanderson: One of the best authors today”

Why Richard Grayson Is Thankfully a Hero

Richard John “Dick” Grayson made his debut as Batman’s partner-in-vigilantism in April of 1940 and quickly made his way to the top to be a fan favourite of the DC fans, a position of popularity he has held since to this day. His most notable trait is his sense of justice and his want toContinue reading “Why Richard Grayson Is Thankfully a Hero”

She Taught me How to be Fearless

I don’t remember a lot of things from my elementary school days. I blame that on the fact that I was bullied for all those 6 years, so there was nothing really worth remembering other than a few moments like my 6th-grade graduation, Sports days, and that one moment in our 3rd-grade field trip whereinContinue reading “She Taught me How to be Fearless”

2022: Shall we begin again?

A very Happy New Year and a Happy New Semester (for some of you at least) to our Jaguars. How has the New Year been treating you? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Or do you not follow that tradition and instead prefer to make small but incremental changes throughout the year? Almost everyContinue reading “2022: Shall we begin again?”

My first group of friends in Singapore

It was dark. The common area lights were on outside my room, but my room was dark. The light from the outside filtered through the tiny window in my door that had been covered up with a piece of paper stating my name and roll number. This was how it was for all the studentsContinue reading “My first group of friends in Singapore”


Changing schools was not a new event in my life, in fact, it happened so frequently to me I started expecting a reset in my school experience every two or three years. It was usually a mixture of anxiety and excitement, an event of change that had become the norm. My new 11th-grade classroom wasContinue reading “Kindness…”

A True Friend

I never liked depending on anyone. Growing up the first kid in a Filipino household, you are never really raised up to believe nor to think that you need anyone but yourself.  It can be a lonely existence sometimes but when you’ve been at it for more than 17 years you get used to it. Continue reading “A True Friend”

Benevolence Within…

The heart beats for them around Compassionate eyes soft and brown Heart sinks when sorrow tales begin But where lies the compassion within? Around us, every day, we come across instances of kindness,  because yes humanity still prevails and yes, no matter how cruel the world seems to be there is still shreds of good inContinue reading “Benevolence Within…”