She Taught me How to be Fearless

I don’t remember a lot of things from my elementary school days. I blame that on the fact that I was bullied for all those 6 years, so there was nothing really worth remembering other than a few moments like my 6th-grade graduation, Sports days, and that one moment in our 3rd-grade field trip whereinContinue reading “She Taught me How to be Fearless”

To The Boy Who Dreams of Me

Hi there, I’m Faith, and for some reason, life chose us to come together so you’re stuck with me. We don’t know it yet but deep down I’d like to believe and I truly do believe that we were made to love each other and that the day I get to finally meet you willContinue reading “To The Boy Who Dreams of Me”

I Remember It All Too Well… 

Taylor Swift has been painting beautiful scenes in our imaginations through her lyrics for years now but recently, on the 12th of November, she finally showed us what she wants us to see for one of her biggest songs, All too Well. The short film was entitled after the song, All Too Well, starred Dylan O’Brien andContinue reading “I Remember It All Too Well… “

Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun: Why Her Re-releases are more than just a Musical Masterpiece 

As children, we were always taught to share our toys, but wouldn’t you get mad if the person you shared your toys with gave it to someone you didn’t want to play with then that person continues to pass it on to another kid who you don’t even know? This basically sums up what happened betweenContinue reading “Taylor Swift vs Scooter Braun: Why Her Re-releases are more than just a Musical Masterpiece “

A True Friend

I never liked depending on anyone. Growing up the first kid in a Filipino household, you are never really raised up to believe nor to think that you need anyone but yourself.  It can be a lonely existence sometimes but when you’ve been at it for more than 17 years you get used to it. Continue reading “A True Friend”

It’s Bond, James Bond: The End

[Warning: Spoilers ahead and some bombs may be dropped]  Beautiful ladies, saving the world and Bond, James Bond, has been an iconic franchise that multiple generations of the world have had the pleasure to experience. Our parents might have met Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, but to us, the face of James Bond has beenContinue reading “It’s Bond, James Bond: The End”

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Is Either Side Right?

Note: mentions mental health issues, sexual assault, and rape.  We often hear anti-maskers use the phrase, “my body, my choice”, but do we know what movement it first came about for? Sexual health has been a touchy topic in many countries all over the world and it usually stems from one topic; abortion.  In socialContinue reading “Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Is Either Side Right?”

The Snyder-verse: The DCEU and What Could Have Been

Note: SPOILERS AHEAD! You guys have been warned. At the beginning of 2021, the world was given the privilege to partake in Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League , as originally intended, giving us a sneak peek of what could have been. His leadership over the project was halted right in the middle ofContinue reading “The Snyder-verse: The DCEU and What Could Have Been”

Top 5 Best Places to Hangout in Singapore on a Budget

In my freshman year of college, I was given the opportunity to live in Singapore as part of a tri-city college experience. Pegged as one of the most expensive cities in the world, budgeting and finding a way to keep my finances intact while still making sure I didn’t just stay at home seemed likeContinue reading “Top 5 Best Places to Hangout in Singapore on a Budget”