The History of the Suffragette Movement

For centuries women had minimal rights, even till this day women are still fighting for their rights. Many of the rights women have in the present have been obtained through immense pain and suffrage, especially the right to vote. Women were not seen as responsible enough and I dare say were in a way seenContinue reading “The History of the Suffragette Movement”

Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai

The popularity of bubble tea has finally found its way to Dubai and we’ve made a list of 4 bubble tea spots you must try in Dubai! Bubble tea is a popular trending drink originating from Taiwan. Basic bubble tea is essentially milk tea with boba. Boba or pearls are round chewy toppings made withContinue reading “Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai”

A Female weightlifter’s opinions on how women’s bodies should look

Weightlifting has been a male dominated industry for decades. Why? Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of muscular women, as being buff has somehow become a muscular trait. This very reason is why many women are hesitant when entering the sport. A female weightlifter, Rene Campbell, looks to change the perception of what women’sContinue reading “A Female weightlifter’s opinions on how women’s bodies should look”

A Brief History of Feminism

Feminism is defined as social activism aimed towards women’s rights and gender equality. Women have fought for decades, nay centuries, for the rights they currently enjoy. In the year 1920 women in the United States got the right to vote after a suffrage movement that lasted for a century and a half in the historyContinue reading “A Brief History of Feminism”