The SP Jain School of Global Management is a business school that has 4 campuses in Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai and Sydney. The 4 Campuses used to have separate student lives until the pandemic brought everyone together online. This website is a product of us all being brought together and then slowly being sent back to our respective campuses but still uniting together to join our creative minds to make content for us and for the world.

Our content before 2021 was divided between different batches and different campuses but its all being brought together in one database on this website. Our content includes:

  • The Valour Magazine
  • The Jaguar Times Blog
  • The Podcast
  • The Talk Show
  • Instagram Reels and TikToks

We hope you enjoy what we make.

The Team

Editor-in-Chief – Utkarsh Kumar
Writer – Aishwarya Pandey
Iris Dominique Lim
Blogging Head – Kritika Dhakan
Writer – Humairaa Tarsoo
Tanishka Verma
Creative Director – Eudimace M. Esguerra
Writer – Ananya Singh
Devika S. Nair

Special Thanks To:

Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing of SP Jain
Radhika Rathi
Global Learning and Student Life Director of SP Jain
Ms. Megna Kalvani

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