Student Feature: Poetry By Prakhar Mishra

Crimson Memories

I see an ashen sky, streaks of metal birds fleeting
I hear the ghosts’ silence, past the bullets’ echoes lingering
I feel the earth tremble, tremble pens, hearts, and hands,
Taste metal, beer, fear; smell gasoline, wastelands

Leave this inferno, I adjure,
Your soul does not belong, so pure

We saw stars stretched across the Stygian sky, twinkling
We heard bees, crickets and birds, buzzing, chirping, they were singing
We felt the grass sway, swayed the trees, heads, and hands
Tasted breeze, honey, life; smelled the green wet grasslands

Crystallised in these heavenly memories of yours,
And mine, you will still be right beside me, secure.



Grey sky
Don’t be blue
Happy tears, ushering life



Dawn am I, chasing death away,
Arms of mine stretch to horizons, golden.
Yawn at me, sing for me, commence your hopeful day,
Bask in my warm embrace, dance in the grasses that glisten.
Rising from the mountains, descending from the heavens,
Eviscerating the darkness, I merely demand cognizance.
A watchful eye, am I, a burning gold seeing all,
Kneel, I ask not; just look at me, before I fall.

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