Mom? Mum? Mother? Mama?…

Many, many years ago, one of your earliest memories probably involve either a woman or a man whom you hold, or held, very dear to your heart. Every year, countries around the world celebrate the importance of these women who raised an entire generation, oftentimes doing a lot more work than their male counterparts for the same job.

Being a mother is the hardest job on the planet. I have never heard anyone refute it. Only those who have never been a mother would be so stupid as to say it isn’t true. Our society puts so much pressure on mothers to perform their job without complaint, selflessly and seamlessly, never losing their cool, never yelling or becoming exasperated, never looking for the line in the contract that will get them out of this job.

Moms are the backbones of our civilization, no one would be where they are without one. I love my mother more than anything in the whole wide world and I cannot fathom where I would be without her. She raised me and my brother all the while also running a multimillion-dollar hospital in partnership with my dad. While earning the same amount of income as him, she’d come back home many hours before him, take care of me and my brother and help me with my homework, help with the cooking and chores of the house, and also take care of my dad after he came back tired from the same work, she did the same day. It truly is a sign of their ultimate perseverance that she was able to do this for 28 years without complaint. And as much as I can do the small things to help her out now, help clean the house and do the cooking, the biggest way I believe I can help her at this point is to become a successful person in life.

Studying abroad is expensive, as most of my college mates would agree; the hard work she puts in her job to be able to send me to have a luxurious college experience in Sydney, Australia, can only be properly rewarded if I am able to properly succeed in life and give back to her what she gave to me.

She, and most other mothers in the world, have worked so hard to give us the lives we currently live. No words could ever express my gratitude for them. You brought us in this world, and you took care of us. All I can simply say, I guess, is “Thank you.” Thank you so much for working hard for us. We promise it was worth it.

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