Graduating: How Rupi Kaur’s Poetry Fill In The Dots…

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Excerpts taken from Rupi Kaur’s ‘Milk and Honey’

It’s unfathomable how it all started from receiving an acceptance letter in high school. That letter was the beginning of my journey to three entirely different countries all by myself. This journey helped me make a lot of friends, have a lot of experiences, and live a life entirely different from the one I lived before. It boggles me just how much, up to this day, that letter managed to completely change my life. The journey I went through taught me that each experience I have leads to different paths in life. 

“i thank the universe

for taking

everything it has taken

and giving to me

everything it is giving”

I remember seeing that letter, I remember feeling surprised and excited for the opportunity I was presented. It was unbelievable that I get to travel while studying because I always thought I wouldn’t be able to reach that dream of mine. 

It was daunting to realize that I was leaving my home and everyone else in it for the first time to study abroad. I was used to travelling with my family to different countries, but this was the first time I would live alone, in a place with unknowns.

“it is a part of the

human experience to feel pain

do not be afraid

open yourself to it”

It was painful, at first, to be so disconnected from my family. I was so used to the routines that we had; sleeping early, waking up early, being dropped off at my classes, seeing my friends, playing sports, being a part of the local community, and then going home. I knew it was time to build my own routines, my own schedules, my own life. 

It got easier as time passed on.

I got used to being alone, but never used to being lonely,y because I knew I still had my family and friends who had my back, even if they were far away. It was never truly lonely because we always set up calls to remind ourselves that we were still there for each other, no matter the distance or the situation that we were in. 

Whenever I felt alienated in the places I went, I always remember that I’m there temporarily and I’m there to enjoy my life. I’m not there to please everyone, no matter what anyone says. 

“you deserve to be

completely found

in your surroundings

not lost within them”

It’s so easy to feel lost, especially when you’re in foreign territory. Not having a clue about what everything means, not understanding the language, not knowing the rules can be challenging. It’s difficult to just quickly settle in, deeply breathe in, and take everything in about a whole new way of living. Going through these difficulties, will we be settled and be more aware of the world around us or will we get lost in them?

All these challenges are what shaped me into the person I currently am and I’m grateful to have what I got to experience. 

“i have

what i have

and i am happy

i’ve lost

what i’ve lost

and i am



With graduation right around the corner, it’s easy to be anxious when one doesn’t know the path they’ll end up taking and what they’ll end up doing. It’s easy to fear that one will lose the connections they made. We must, however, remember that everything in our lives happens for a reason. We can choose which paths to take but we must remember to enjoy our lives. We must remember that even with all the experiences we’ve gained – all the positives and the negatives – that we still are living, and we will continue to live. 

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