Brandon Sanderson: One of the best authors today

Brandon Sanderson is one of the most well-known authors in the world but the people who are not well-versed fans of reading fantasy and science fiction probably do not know of him. He is not an author who has had a work of his adapted to the big screen yet, but one of them will be soon when the final few seasons of The Wheel of Time air (the final three books are written by him after the original author’s passing) on Amazon Prime.

He is the father of the modern magic system in fantasy, creating the systems of hard and soft magic, with hard magic having more grounded rules with soft magic being more mysterious in nature. This system has been the basis of most of his book series; some of which are the Mistborn series, The Stormlight Archive series, the Skyward series, and more.

Most of Brandon Sanderson’s books that are not The Wheel of Time or one of his YA books are set in a shared universe called the Cosmere Universe, which was born from Sanderson’s desire to create a huge epic-length series without forcing readers to have to read 40+ books, because of which he decided to create a shared universe with hidden references and cameos in each book that connect all of them under one shared universe.

I came to know of Brandon Sanderson when Amazon announced The Wheel of Time TV series, which intrigued me a lot, because of which I started following him. I had heard his name here and there on the book corners of the internet on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, and seeing his popularity yet ignorance within the general public interested me, as he kept on feeling more and more like a hidden gem beloved by a fandom (the novel community).

Brandon Sanderson’s books are some of the most critically acclaimed books in the world, especially some of his bigger series. He is one of the most interactive authors in the world, posting and streaming multiple times a week on his YouTube channel that has almost 300k subscribers at this point. He teaches a writing course once a year at the Brigham Young University in Utah, America. He is one of the humblest people I’ve ever seen, despite his fame and wealth, and his passion for his work is infectious; he is a true nerd, a proper face and representative of the science fiction/fantasy community.

I hope that he gets more recognition as he deserves, as time marches forward. He is one of my role models for my dream writing career. I WOULD call him the next Tolkien or Martin, but that’s never a fair role to give someone (to call them the next “something”). If y’all wanna know where to start with his works, starting with either Elantris or the Mistborn trilogy would be the simplest starting point for beginners, although you cannot go wrong at all with the first entry of any of his franchises.

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