Must-try Bubble Tea Spots in Dubai

The popularity of bubble tea has finally found its way to Dubai and we’ve made a list of 4 bubble tea spots you must try in Dubai! Bubble tea is a popular trending drink originating from Taiwan. Basic bubble tea is essentially milk tea with boba. Boba or pearls are round chewy toppings made with tapioca starch which are soaked in brown sugar syrup. ‘Milk tea with boba’ has many different variations. There are also different types of boba such as juice filled, golden, taro and much more. For this article we have tried the classic ‘milk tea with boba’ from bubble tea stores across Dubai. We tried regular sized iced bubble teas from the locations.

Latea, Multiple Locations

Latea has multiple locations around Dubai but we visited the branch in Ibn Battuta mall. The atmosphere was extremely relaxing! It was such a shame that there was no seating in the store itself. The bubble tea was a little too sweet but if you ask they will reduce the sugar level for you. The bubbles were sweet but were perfect sized and chewy. We suggest getting the drink with a lower sugar level as the bubbles were sweet as well which resulted in a massive sugar rush! What caught our eye from their menu was that they had a hot version of bubble tea, which we would love to try out one day. Their prices are on the premium side with their regular size being 20 aed. We would say Latea is perfect for you if you’ve got a sweet tooth!

The Alley, International City

Located in International City, China Cluster, The Alley is a famous bubble tea destination around the world. Their milk tea was very flavourful with the perfect amount of sweetness. The boba were chewy but were smaller than regular boba, one sip would flood your mouth. Their prices are decent with the regular size bubble tea for 15 aed. Though we thought the size of the cup was smaller than we expected. Speaking of the aesthetics, their drinks are too pretty, stirring them was heartbreaking. Do remember to take a pic for the gram! They have a large variety of options with some being really unique! Overall we would definitely go back for some bubble tea as the flavour was just amazing!

Tiger Sugar, Deira City Centre

Tiger sugar is a fan favorite bubble tea destination that has finally made its way to Dubai. Tiger sugar is known for their classic brown sugar drink. They recommend shaking the drink 15 times for the optimum flavour. The inside of the cup was decorated with brown sugar syrup in their signature style, perfect for the foodstagram! The milk tea was not very sweet but the boba itself was, which was a perfect combination. They have 2 sizes, large and x-large. It was pricey compared with other destinations, their large size was 19 aed and definitely worth it! They also had bubble tea ice cream which was a first, we definitely recommend trying their ice cream bar. Tiger sugar Dubai certainly lives up to its name with a joyful and amazing experience!

Bubee, Multiple Locations

Bubee is widespread over Dubai even with a stall in Global Village. The location we visited was the one in Burjuman mall. Bubee is the go to bubble tea destination for many residents of Dubai. The cute bumble bee mascot just brings a smile to anyone’s face. Their bubble tea is absolutely amazing! The milk tea is not super sweet and is paired well with the sweetness level of the boba. The boba is chewy and not overly sweet. They have a variety of options to try out from a rocksalt menu to a cheesecake menu. They even had Pandan which is definitely going to be our next Bubee drink! We are not sure if it was just the location we went to but they only had one size for which the price range was 11 – 15 aed, depending on the drink. The one size they had seemed to be large, so just a heads up in case you have a small appetite. The drink was well priced in terms of both flavour and size. With very friendly staff, Bubee has an amazing bubble tea experience from the start till the end.

Bubble tea is on the rise in the UAE with new stores opening frequently. We are glad to see the bubble tea enthusiasts of Dubai finally able to have many options for their favorite drink! We hope you try out the stores we mentioned and do let us know which you liked the most.

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