The Rabbit Hole of Taylor Swift Theories and Easter Eggs

Did y’all here know that Hideo Kojima recently tweeted about Red (Taylor’s Version) and how he loves it and is listening to it on his Walkman? Welp, Taylor Swift confirmed in Death Stranding 2 guys! Pack it up! We’re done here. 

I’m just kidding. Partially. Kojima, please. Man loves to tweet about people he later invites for a collaboration. But that’s not the point here. There have been many theories relating to Taylor Swift within her fandom and some outside. Taylor has stated in the past that she used to put cryptic clues and messages in her earlier songs in attempts to get fans to pay attention to the lyrics and it grew and expanded from there to take on a full life of its own, almost akin to a full ARG, but less expansive than a true one. 

Talking about how expansive Taylor Theories (Thayeories, as the fandom likes to call them), let’s take a recent example. Just in the morning of the 18th of November (Eastern Hemisphere) or the evening of the 17th of November (Western Hemisphere), Taylor posted about an alternate version of All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) being recorded at the Long Pond Studios, which fans have theorized could lead to an Evermore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions or Red: The Long Pond Studio Sessions. One of the Folklore album covers had the words “Woodvale” printed on it and a lot of the merch that came with said album came in packs of 3, leading people to theorize that there will be a third album after Folklore and Evermore to finish some sort of a Forevervale Trilogy of albums, a theory that many people still believe in despite the Re-Recordings era having already begun due to the first two albums having been dropped as a surprise without prior announcements. 

The next re-recorded album, according to the theories circulating on Reddit and Twitter, is supposedly “Speak Now” due to the signed CD of Red (Taylor’s Version) being sold for $20.10, which is the year when Speak Now was released and due to Speak Now being after Red in the graffiti on the wall in the music video for The Man at the 54 second mark on the right side of the wall (as she’s expected to go clockwise, so right, middle, left). Yes, the rabbit hole really is that deep. It DOES match up though, as Fearless is first in the circle, then came Red, which is a pattern that hasn’t been broken as of now (I SO hope that this one is true). The Graffiti Wall theory also states that on the left side, we see 1989, Taylor Swift and Reputation, which is the continued expected order of the release schedule, with Reputation coming in last, due to it not being able to be recorded until November 2022, due to a 5-year exclusivity period that Big Red Machine has over Taylor’s songs. Also, if you look in the middle of the wall, there are two places where it says Karma, which was the supposed name of her 6th album before she pivoted to Reputation due to the Kanye West drama. There’s not much evidence for it, but I personally think it means we may get the long-lost album that was supposed to follow 1989 before the drama happened and she switched over to working on the Reputation album instead (I really, really hope that this one is true). 

In an interview on the Jimmy Fallon show, Taylor mentions putting hints out three years in advance. In the All Too Well Short Film, the epilogue is set 13 years later while the present day is only 10 years later currently. The epilogue shows Taylor at a book reading for a novel she’s published, so it has people theorizing her plans to publish a book. The book cover itself is a play on the book The Giving Tree, which is a children’s book about a tree that gives so much to the boy until it has nothing left to give, which is a beautiful metaphor for All Too Well but could also hint at her future book being either a children’s styled book or a collection of poetry. 

Some other Easter Eggs in the All Too Well Short Film that people have noticed as of now include “Him, Later” (the boyfriend in the music video) being named Jake Lyon (which is similar sounding to Jake Gyllenhaal). At the dinner party scene, one of the guests was wearing the nail polish colours from Promising Young Woman which is a movie about getting revenge on men who take advantage of young women. The big age difference between the lead actors Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien is like the real age difference between Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal. There’s a lot of call-backs to her older music and music videos in the Short Film as well, like this shot of Sadie Sink being like the second shot shown here (from the White Horse music video) 

But enough about the past, let’s talk about the future. On December 13th, Taylor turns 32 years old. She usually loves celebrating her birthday with content for the fans. Some of the most popular theories regarding her birthday this year is her posting “32, and still growing up”, and then announcing Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) or her announcing the Taylor’s Version of her debut album due to her age being the double of her original age when she released the original version of her debut album.  

Another popular theory states a release of Evermore: The Long Pond Sessions, a theory which was recently popularised further due to the Long Pond recording of All Too Well. 

Another theory floating around states that she’ll drop “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) as a surprise album for Christmas due to the smaller gap between Red and Speak Now in the graffiti on the wall as compared to the gap between Fearless and Red. 

Is this all too much for casual fans to follow? Absolutely. But to be a true Taylor fan, you don’t necessarily have to be able to actively follow this stuff. This is just a bit of fun on the sides that Taylor and the fandom have with each other in the downtime between content. Whichever one of these theories and Easter Eggs get confirmed or disproven, theorizing them was always fun and whatever content she puts out in whatever release order, we’re going to be always there for her and will always support her without being disappointed (except Woodvale and Karma, I NEED THOSE THEORIES TO BE TRUE). She can release whatever she wants, and the fans will always flock to her, as evident by her breaking her Spotify record of being the highest debuted female artist of all time over and over again. 

Red (Taylor’s Version) is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and all places where music streams. All Too Well (10 Minutes Version) is my personal recommendation. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

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