Living the Dubai life

Student life in Dubai is exciting and yet a bit hard, fun and games go hand in hand with work and studies. Dubai is an enchanting place to not just study or shop but also to explore. With the EXPO open for 6 months, you have a chance to experience multiple countries in just one place, which will not be granted anywhere else. With numerous celebrities everywhere and the dazzling light enchanting you at every turn, Dubai is much more than just a place to study.

You’ve got beaches to relax like La Mer. You can lay on the beach, dip your feet in the water or just enjoy like a child with all the games there. Dubai Mall is the most well-known one, but not just because of the fountains or the aquarium, but because you’ll end up finding something that you like there eventually. It’s a different type of fun to get lost in the mall and roam around, experiencing the different shops and sides of an incredible mall that spins you dizzy and makes you walk. It’s a guarantee that you will complete your step goal for the day in that mall. It’s also connected to a metro station, and the best part is… all you need is an NOL card, the transportation card here, and you can travel most of  Dubai at a really cheap price. Now that you know this hack, use it to go to the Mall of Emirates, the gardens or just get down at any station that catches your eye and explore. 

Every stop offers something different, and don’t worry about transportation, you’ll find an RTA bus nearly everywhere and again, you just need to tap your NOL card and ride to wherever you want. 

The campus

Dubai is the single campus accepting SP Jain students from all years of studies. This is different from what our seniors experienced: there was usually just one cohort or in the case of Sydney, two consecutive ones.

Dubai’s campus is small: just one building with 2 floors and yet, it is bustling with life and activity. Being here has shown me how it is the people who make SP Jain what it is, not the infrastructure (well my Operations Management prof might say that facility layout plays a key role in morale but come on, do we want to put a % on things?). The people on campus, both staff and students, contribute by far the most to the vibe here. It’s not every day that you’ll find the Student President come to your class and grace you with his music choice (his words, though not with his permission). Being exposed to my seniors is opening up my mind to the possibilities in front of me. 

There is a feeling of friendship on the Dubai campus that I’ve come to associate with the SP Jain spirit. People here are outgoing and willing to make space for you if you take the first step. Not to say that there are no friend groups: you’ll frequently see the same people at the same spot every day, immersed in their routine. Yet, when I look at my class and the student clubs, I see an amazing mix of different backgrounds and a synergy that comes out of this diversity. 

The accommodation, Nova Towers

Accommodation life is very different from what student classroom life is, for sure. I can’t reveal all the secrets lest people get into trouble but let’s say that life in Nova Towers is happening. For real though, nothing alarming. I’ve met people at Nova Towers whose idea of a good time is just movie night with warm blankets and pyjamas and people who go out almost every night to party. When you enter SP Jain’s floors in Nova, you can feel the university campus feel of it: you’ll have guys playing Xbox on the common TV, parties going on some nights, and a few lonely souls in the study room. 

Here, I would say that location and apartment layout play a role. Nova is located in a rather busy place (not Singapore-busy but still). You have 2 supermarkets, a variety of restaurants and a medical clinic and pharmacies within 2 min of walking, and that’s just what I’ve seen so far. There are bus stops close by as well. The apartments range from the most spacious to the smaller more intimate ones and if you come early, you can more easily have your pick. The colours are what I love most: vibrant blue and yellow that make the Jaguar colours.

Now it wouldn’t be fun if everything about this enchanting land was simply told in writing now, would it? So come and get to know this beautiful and captivating place for yourself, where supercars are a normal occurrence and the lights of every place put on a show just for you.

Find the inner child in yourself again, enjoy getting lost once more and experience a culture made of so many more that you feel right at home.

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