The Deadly Music at Astroworld

Content Warning: Mentions of violence, deaths, and other sensitives present in the article. Reader discretion is advised.

A music festival is meant to be a place where fans from different places come together to enjoy the music. What started as a standard music festival turned into something that no one anticipated.

On the 05th of November 2021, the Astroworld Festival, located in Houston, Texas, USA, became a center of disaster with at least eight people dead while attending Travis Scott’s concert. The immediate victims are said to be of the ages 14, 16, 21(2), 23(2), 27 and one unknown, with more people dying later in hospitals. Reports say that there have been around 25 people hospitalized, of which 5 are minors.

From the attendees’ perspective

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, life to everything.


Concertgoers have posted numerous clips on both Instagram and TikTok, showing the event from the beginning to the end of the concert. It is common for rap fans to rage and they acted as usual once Scott appeared on stage, as it has been the usual reaction and theme in his previous concerts. However, many claim that the event left them traumatized as, in this festival, they saw many people suffocating, fainting, and dying in front of them.

Innocent people were left devastated.

Many attendees have also been reported to have called 911 for help, while simultaneously screaming to Scott and other staff and officials to stop the concert. Videos have shown some staff members ignoring people screaming for help to focus on their tasks in the festival. Another video has shown that Scott has paused the concert for a few seconds when he noticed an ambulance present in the crowd. Even after the ambulance left, Scott kept continuing on with the concert.

Many who have seen videos such as this circulating through TikTok and other social media platforms felt that he should have done something. Mainly, that Scott should have stopped the concert immediately.

Investigations, investigations, and more investigations

A report stated that narcotics were involved in the incident. Some victims in the festival were found to have overdosed when brought to the hospital. Investigation on this is still ongoing. 

There are claims and reports that state that someone was selling narcotics to the attendees, including minors. Another report stated that some security and staff have been injected with narcotics by unknown concertgoers. 

Near the festival, a field hospital was set up and over 300 people had to be treated. Some people brought in were found to be in cardiac arrest and were rushed to the hospital. Another investigation is being conducted due to some unknown causes of death.

Another report stated that there is evidence of a huge crowd of people who rushed the gates prior to the concert. Security and other staff were unable to solve this recurring problem, even with it occurring in another previous concert of Scott’s. Related authorities are investigating this issue. 


this year was insane.. there was too much of a crowd & not enough control. def not a place for minors either. i am truly devastated over the outcome. #astroworld #astroworldfestival #travisscott #houston #astroworldfestival2021

♬ original sound – supremesavvy

Reaching out to the people

Artists such as SZA, Drake, Roddy Rich and Trey Songz have reached out on several social media platforms such as Twitter to address the incident and offer their condolences and thoughts on the matter. 

Travis Scott, the day after the concert, also posted a message on his Twitter offering his condolences and concerns for the victims affected by the festival. He also posted a series of videos on his Instagram story apologizing for what happened during his concert.

His apology video has not been received well by the general public, wherein some comments state that he was insincere and only cares about his status. Some speak differently, stating he is doing his best to amend for his mistakes. Whatever his intentions now, the tragedy has already struck, so everything now will be damage control, whether to his image or to the participants’ lives.

Music is life itself.

Louis Armstrong

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