Benevolence Within…

The heart beats for them around

Compassionate eyes soft and brown

Heart sinks when sorrow tales begin

But where lies the compassion within?

Around us, every day, we come across instances of kindness, 

because yes humanity still prevails and yes, no matter how cruel the world seems to be there is still shreds of good in the world and goodness in people. 

We see instances of kindness with other people, and kindness being acted upon us. Us being kind and empathetic to those who require it. But what about being compassionate towards ourselves? Why do we falter when it comes to showing sympathy to our hearts? 

Being harsh on yourself sometimes pushes us to swim great seas and challenge our powers, but sometimes it makes us feel even more dejected and hated. 

The whole world is already against you and so you have to be with yourself. 

There shall be times when your own thoughts make you miserable, the voice inside your head demeans you out again and again and again, making it so unbearable that you despise being alone with deafening silence since those self-loathing words are all you hear. 

All because you couldn’t shed some humane compassion to your soul. Just because you thrusted cruelty upon yourself and wouldn’t allow yourself to just breathe. Breathe for a moment or two. Wouldn’t allow yourself to be kind and considerate towards yourself, but I ask why? 

When you can help an old woman cross the street, or can excuse a friend for a foul or can feed old bread to a stray dog, why can’t you be benevolent to yourself? 

Tell yourself that it is okay and that it shall all be good soon because permanence is a fiction. Tell yourself that even though everything is in a scattered million pieces, there is no rush to put on a strong face and gather up the pieces to start again. Tell yourself that it’s not the end of the world and that to err is human. Because being kind and compassionate to yourself is what brings peace and inner amity. 

Light the fire and enthral the warmth within. 

Ask yourself, where lies the compassion within?

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