The Power of Music

Everyone has, at least once in their life, had an earworm. No, I do not mean a parasitic invertebrate, making a humble abode in the crevices of your ear, I mean the incessant repetition of a catchy tune, a melody that lives rent-free in your head until another one takes its place. Most have experienced it and most of the time it has driven at least one soul to infuriation. There is a simple solution however, listen to the end of the song.

Music exists in the majority of lives. The dictionary defines it as, an arrangement of sounds in time through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre. This definition however does not extend its reach to the emotion that resurfaces after a particularly moving song. 

Music from my perspective as one of the 7 billion humans on this earth is very simple, it is a medium of calm in the raging chaos that is otherwise referred to as my mind. The general public however may view it under a different light, for some it’s the din of a party, or a karaoke night in the car, for others it’s a soul caressing personal journey, that either pulled them out of darkness or led them towards the light, a sort of meditation. 

The music one listens to can tell a lot about a person, since it is something they’ve acquired throughout their life. It is slowly influenced by an ever-changing environment, the company they keep and the memories many of the songs hold. For many, their music can act as a personal library of sorts, an encrypted recounting of their lives, detailing the highs and lows and everything in-between. Sharing such a private part can be both difficult and meaningful. Where words fail, music speaks.

There is music for everyone, in the thousands and thousands of albums and libraries there is always one to suit everyone’s taste. By any chance, if there is a person who hasn’t found their song, I implore you to keep looking. There are few better joys than harmonizing one’s soul with a song. It need not be only one and it need not remain the same throughout your life.  

Music has been and still is one of humanity’s greatest successes. It has no barriers, be it language, heritage or culture. It is an unrestrained medium of connection. A way to make a lifetime of relationships with strangers, friends and family. 

The calming embrace of a soulful melody is a feeling unlike any other. It bonds, connects and takes you on a journey. Music, once admitted in your soul, becomes a spirit itself, and never dies as long as you live. Music is a language of the heart.

To celebrate the power of music, we would like to share a playlist of songs curated by the SP Jain Media Club. We hope you like it – 

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