The Fall of the Glorious Manchester United

Manchester United is a prestigious football club in the country of England that was founded back in 1878. When you hear Manchester United all you hear is glory and how much of a decorated club they are in England, if not the best club in England then definitely one of the best clubs in Europe. They have won the highest number of English Premier League titles, at 20, with the club with the second most number of titles being at 12 titles. That’s how big of a difference there is between Manchester United and the other clubs in England. 

Manchester United has always been seen as a club that always performs at the utmost levels due to the one and only, Sir Alex Ferguson. During his tenure as the manager of Manchester United, he grew the club from its humble roots into the biggest football club in England. He helped Manchester United win 13 league titles during his time in Manchester United which then became the most successful English club and the only English club to ever win a “treble trouble”, which has only been achieved by seven Union of European Football Associations clubs in the whole world. Manchester United became the only club from England to ever win three almost prestigious trophies in Europe in a single season. 

Unfortunately, this current season hasn’t had the best start for Manchester United even though they had been the top-performing club in the country for over 20 years. For the past eight years, Manchester United has not even won a single Premier League trophy and that is a rather disappointing record for a top-six Premier League club. Seeing that Manchester United had won the highest number of English Premier League titles in the past just shows how bad of a run they are on right now without Sir Alex. The board and the director have become so lousy that they couldn’t hire a new manager who can make Manchester United successful as they used to. Manchester United changes managers in the span of 3 to 4 years which leads to the remake of the team. They do not have a proper construction or structure anymore and that has led to them being a really poor working club in terms of performance and structure. They have only won 5 trophies in the past 8 years and three of those trophies have been rather small titles and are not considered prestigious titles. 

This season is the same old story, the club has started off poorly in the national league as well as in the European league. They are currently sitting in the 7th position in the league below clubs such as Brighton West Ham and Tottenham Hotspurs. This is nothing but shameful to the fans who have already been suffering for so long. Such a prestigious club has been doing so badly for the past eight years to the point they need a change in direction and management. Unfortunately, the club and its heritage are only behind quick money and not behind the success of the club. 

With multiple failures in the past eight years, hopefully, the problems can finally be rectified soon. That the most recent fixture shows the true colours of the manager where Manchester United lost 5-0 against their biggest rivals in a home stadium. This should have led to the layoff of the manager but as one can see, the board is only after the money. They don’t care about the success of the club and the manager is still to be in charge of the club for the next three games. Hopefully, this situation can be rectified soon and the club can go back to its glorious and prestigious days where they were always on top and were winning trophies like it’s a walk in the park.

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