GirlUp Sydney’s Recommendations For Women-Driven Songs

Songs just have a unique way of resonating with us by evoking our innermost emotions. As women, some emotions we face include demotivation, or annoyance at society, or just the need for that extra dose of hype in life. Whatever be your mood, the below much-loved songs got your back!

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys 

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Just given birth to her son Egypt, Alicia Keys wrote this song about new beginnings, finding her inner strength and taking full control of her life. With the song and its powerful lyrics, Keys hoped to empower and encourage women and people around the globe to find their passion and be their phenomenal self.

Woman by Doja Cat

Doja Cat - Woman (Visualizer) - YouTube

Most of you would’ve at least seen one IG Reel dance to this song. This foot-tapping pop-rap masterpiece features an appreciation of all things feminine- from being a badass CEO, a nurturing homemaker, or just a normal woman who knows her worth. It also promotes collaboration between females as a clap back to the competition that society creates between them.

Sit Still Look Pretty by Daya

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Daya wants her listeners to ask themselves if they are equal partners in a relationship. As women, we are asked to sit still and keep our mouths shut. Being a partner does not mean looking pretty, cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. Women are much more than that. They do not need to depend on a man or be his puppet. Women are strong and capable of controlling their own destiny.

The Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Unknown to many, Rachel Platten was about to give up on her musical ambitions before this song as things were just not working for her. Platten, then 34, wrote this song to convince herself not to leave a field that had been dismissing her for more than a decade. The Fight Song is a woman’s story of how she did not quit even after being rejected several times.

That’s My Girl by Fifth Harmony 

Life can put us in situations that shatter us physically or emotionally. But despite these sad situations, what doesn’t stop is our motivation to achieve our goals. This song is best to get energy gushing into our veins, during such situations. I mean, just look at the lyrics: “You’ve been down before, you’ve been hurt before, you got up before, you’ll be good to go”

Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

In the world of social media, we often compare ourselves with the people we see on the internet who have the perfect face, the perfect body and the perfect life. We make ourselves feel like we are not enough and that we need to fix our flaws. Ever since Alessia was a young girl, she had been straightening her curly hair every day to not stand out among her classmates and get made fun of. She started losing hair at a very young age and didn’t want anyone to come close to her. One day she realised that no matter how you look, you are beautiful. Through this song, she wanted every girl to feel that she is ENOUGH.

Run the World by Beyonce

When this song was released, not many people spoke about feminism and didn’t believe that “girls could run the world”. However, this song worked its feminist magic on people, and now it is a high energy anthem for everything.

Written by: Saswat Suman, Vamika Arora, Kavya Sangam, Vritti Bhambhvani

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