GirlUp Sydney’s Recommendations for Women-Driven Shows

“Umm, what new series do I watch?” is a question we often ask ourselves. Here are some recommendations, about some female-driven shows that are entertaining, gripping, and above all, a celebration of how women make their lives better for themselves. 

The Bold Type

This show is about 3 women who work for a company that believes in feminism.They made working for women look very normal and gender neutral. The show talks about gender and race discrimination, issues faced by females, LGBTQ and a lot more which helped in normalising these topics.

Where to watch? Netflix

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Set in the late 1950s, this show is about an ideal housewife with 2 kids, a chic apartment in the upper east side with a perfect husband. But her life is turned upside down when she finds out her husband is cheating on her. Forced to find an ambition, Midge discovers that her hidden talent is stand up comedy. The show takes us through her journey of being a female stand-up comedian in the 1950s all the while being a single mom, discovering who she really is as a person and breaking gender stereotypes one day at a time! 

Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video

Sex and the City 

This show is about 4 New York women in their mid-30s and how they overcome every sexist hurdle that comes their way. Narrated through the eyes of Carrie Bradshaw, this show is a testament that when women truly support and stand for each other, nothing can stop them! The show follows the life and loves of 4 career-driven women in their 30s and celebrates the power of friendship and independence. 

Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video & Disney+ Hotstar

Four More Shots Please!

In millennial Mumbai, four unabashedly flawed women live, love, stumble, and find what makes them tick through friendship and tequila. Similar to Sex and the City, this show has a culturally different take on feminism. 

Where to watch? Amazon Prime Video

One Day at a Time

This critically-acclaimed sitcom is the perfect bundle of laughter, tears, mishaps and joys wrapped in just the right amount of love. At the heart of this show is the Cuban-American family, the Alvarezs’, who go through the adventures and trials of life, all the while taking it one day at a time. The show features lots of inspiring women, be it the sassy yet compassionate matriarch Lydia, the army veteran and strong single mother Penelope, or the progressive, opinionated teenage daughter Elena. This show is excellent at featuring women living their ordinary lives being extraordinary. 

Where to watch? Netflix

Written by: Saswat Suman, Sakina Chechatwala, Vritti Bhambhvani, Prasidhi Poddar

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