It’s Bond, James Bond: The End

[Warning: Spoilers ahead and some bombs may be dropped] 

Beautiful ladies, saving the world and Bond, James Bond, has been an iconic franchise that multiple generations of the world have had the pleasure to experience. Our parents might have met Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan, but to us, the face of James Bond has been none other than Daniel Craig. 

His career as our favourite Double 00 has taken us through five movies and though we have witnessed that he truly is licensed to kill, we saw that he was also licensed to steal our hearts. In the span of 15 years Daniel Craig’s movies have managed to take us head to head with international terrorist organizations, secret elitist societies and so much more. The last instalment to his franchise, No Time to Die definitely fits right into the James Bond movies that we are used to; sexy, exciting and gut-wrenching.

The Scoring, the character development and everything in between

My sister sat by my side in her Billie Eilish sweatshirt as the mandatory iconic intro played. You would be able to imagine our epic fangirl moment when Billie’s voice surrounded the theatre as she sang one of her singles No Time to Die. 

The song incredibly cleans up and encapsulates the intensity and feelings of the prior scene of a heartbreaking exchange of looks between James Bond and the love of his life as he lets her go. No Time to Die as a movie also brings us along with the movie trope we love so much when it comes to our secret agent, seeing glimpses of his heart. With the world’s fascination with bad boys with no regard for the rules and they break them through their skills and charm. The James Bond movies have had a hold on the world by effectively showing us, in the quiet moments of the film when bombs aren’t going off and guns aren’t being shot, that though he was trained to kill, at the end of the day the character is just like the rest of us, looking for his reason to live. In the first few minutes of the movie, we are sold this fantasy that even amidst all the tragedies and all the blood on his hands James Bond might actually have his shot at happily ever after. We are shown the beauty of Italy as Madeleine and James live out their lives fervently in love until their pasts come to haunt them. 

As a fan, I absolutely loved the film and it was internally satisfying to watch Daniel Craig’s James Bond grow as a character. The film was a success as it nicely tied up the potential loose strings at the end of this set of James Bond stories. We were given heart fluttering and warming romance, action scenes that got everyone’s hearts pumping and a kind of storyline that left many of us stunned and potentially even crying as we left the theatres. Though as much as it was a film that I would truly hold dear to my heart there was one aspect that I would consider it lacking, its originality. 

I attribute my deep love for the film not just because of it truly being brilliant but also because of its familiarity. It follows the usual good guy versus bad guy in a battle to save the world and to save the woman that he loves and though this is a formula that has been a foundation of the allure of James Bond, seeing something new at the end of this era could make it all the more spectacular. It is understandable since directing and writing for characters with such a loyal and long-standing following such as James Bond can be a tricky thing to do. It’s either you don’t change enough that people aren’t satisfied or you change too much that audiences no longer recognize a character they once loved. Neither of these are positions any director and writer would want to be in.

Overall, No Time to Die is a movie I would consider a success because it serves its purpose, it gave us a wonderful ending to James Bond. The movie gave us the action we all came to see but left us with all kinds of feelings towards the man Daniel Craig’s James Bond has come to be. Though the ending might be one that not many agree with since we all wanted so much more for our beloved double 00, many of us would argue that it is the perfect way to end everything that he has ever started. 

To those who have watched the film, she really did have his eyes, didn’t she? 

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