To Believe, Or Not To Believe…

The universe told me a story. It told me how everything is always meant for something, that everything, absolutely everything has a purpose.

Each leaf that falls, each step you take, every stone that flips, is all a part of the big puzzle. At the crossroads, every time you take a left instead of a right, you think you make the choice but it’s actually a very well laid out plan. Just like a small cog fits perfectly with another and all the gears are in their right places and swiftly move, how they’re supposed to.

The universe told me that every action has consequences and that flapping of the wings of a butterfly can start a hurricane. It told me nothing in this entire world goes unnoticed and that trusting the process is essential.

The universe gave me two options, to believe or not to believe this story it narrates.

I chose the former, for without hope and belief, we are nothing, just a species, existing.

The universe told me that sometimes good things happen to bad people and terrible things happen to those who don’t deserve it, but it’s all to correct the order, to put everything in its place. Everything that we do, anything at all, it’s all contributing to something, we might never know. For nothing, or no one is without a purpose. The universe told me a story and asked me to be patient, and now I ask you, for I told you a story, to believe or not to believe?

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