I am always sleepy, but whenever I feel healthy there is a huge disaster.

A Note from the year 2035 –

It’s been like this for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been slightly sleepy throughout my whole life. I have always been woken up by my family and dragged out of bed every morning. I’ve drunk coffee and energy drinks every day since I was extremely little and I always carry caffeine patches with me wherever I go. To many, this might feel like an extremely uncomfortable situation but it’s been my normal for as long as I have been alive. That all changed one day when I was seven years old.

It was the year 2004, on the 25th of December when for the first time I was unable to sleep at bedtime. Even though it felt weird to me, being this awake and active felt exhilarating to me. My parents just chalked it up to Christmas excitement but I was never a particularly huge fan of the holiday. The whole night I stayed awake despite my parents’ attempts at making me fall asleep, including stories, warm milk and lullabies. Sometime after the sun had started to shine, I crashed on the sofa and fell asleep for over 12 hours. That night was when the Tsunami that killed over 200,000 in the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean.

This happened again the next year, but for much longer than just a night. This happened for over a week, starting from the 23rd of August and lasted till the 1st of September. During these 9 days, I slept for less than 2-3 hours a night, which my parents forced me to do with medicine, and I was extremely worked up and active both in school and at home, assisting at chores at home and participating in cultural activities for the first time at school. While all of this was going on, a Category 5 hurricane called Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and its surrounding areas, killing over 1200 people.

It happened again in January of 2010 during the Haiti Earthquake when I couldn’t sleep for around 15 days during the main Earthquake and its aftershocks. I was extremely awake for the Japanese Tsunami of 2011, the Nepal Earthquake of 2015, the 2018 California Wildfires and some other events I can’t remember.

I could not sleep for all of 2020 and late 2019. I used to take sleeping pills to force myself to go to sleep so as to not weaken my body’s immune and psychological systems. I don’t know if those things would happen to me if I didn’t force myself to go to sleep but I didn’t want to take the risk at all. The extreme energy and activeness during that year was an extreme pain for me. I couldn’t do anything with myself, being stuck in quarantine for so long and would just be restless all the time. To pass the time, I would exercise a lot to work out my unnatural body energy. As the year progressed and the events piled up, my restlessness increased and sleep would become harder and harder. The amount of pills I had to take to go to sleep kept increasing to the point that I knew I was taking enough to kill a normal person. I wouldn’t have any severe harmful effects from the pills, but I knew that if a regular person took that many pills, they would definitely die. But all the events of this year also passed and I became tired and groggy once again.

Not much happened to my tiredness for quite a few years afterwards. I was relatively tired all the time. Once my tiredness went away in 2022 when my parents got into a car crash and were in the hospital for over 2 months, but other than that, nothing much happened. I also was extremely awake when the San Andreas fault in California moved, causing the worst Earthquake in human history to hit Los Angeles in 2024, killing over half a million people in the city and severely injuring a million more.

Other than the Los Angeles event, the world was relatively stable, which was a huge shock and a surprise to most scientists around the world who could not figure out why literally no natural disasters on any big scale were not happening like they did in the past.

Things changed for me again in 2028. On the 23rd of March, 2028, I woke up feeling extremely refreshed. I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm even went off and I didn’t feel any urge to go back to sleep. I hadn’t had this feeling of energy and awareness for so long that I had almost forgotten what it felt like. But I knew what came alongside this feeling. I turned on the news to check what had happened in the world. But there was nothing. There was no huge disaster anywhere in the world. I checked online just to make sure but there was still nothing.

“If it hasn’t happened till now, it’ll happen in a matter of hours.” I thought to myself to reassure my mind. I got ready and went to work, preparing myself for the inevitable to happen somewhere in the world soon. I thought about posting about it online but I knew that no one would believe me. Besides, most social media platforms have their content regularly checked nowadays to ensure people like anti-vaxxers and moon conspiracy theorists can’t spread their nonsense so those who believed in this type of supernatural content have left for the Dark Net, so my post would probably just be automatically deleted.

The day went by and nothing popped up on the news. My co-workers were surprised to see me so active and without a tumbler of coffee on me. I didn’t tell them anything, afraid that they would think me crazy, like many have before me.

Nothing happened even by the time I reached home. I was extremely restless, not just from the phenomenon that was happening to me, but from the anxiety of the catastrophe that I was expecting to happen somewhere in the world. I took pills to make me fall asleep, but even that sleep was extremely restless and short. I had never felt so anxious before about the disaster, but the wait and the prior knowledge that something was about to happen was messing with me. I wanted to warn someone, but what even would I say, “There’s a huge disaster about to happen sometime soon somewhere on the face of the Earth.” To whom would I even say it? Twitter? YouTube? They’d think me crazy or attempting to make up a horror story. There’s no point in telling my family, they can’t do anything and they’ll only worry.

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