Australian borders to open soon. But not everyone will be travelling.

From November, Australia’s international border will reopen, offering vaccinated citizens and their family long-awaited freedoms.

Since March 2020, Australia has had some of the strictest border controls in the world, prohibiting even its own citizens from leaving the nation. People will be able to travel when their state’s vaccination rate reaches 80%, according to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Foreigners will not be able to travel right away, but the administration said it was trying “to welcome tourists back to our beaches.” People can now only leave Australia for extraordinary circumstances such as urgent employment or to see a dying family.

Even with a timetable in place, there is still a lot of ambiguity about how the return to international travel will actually function, and many passengers will have to wait a long time before they can board an aircraft. Mr Morrison stated that the required 14-day hotel quarantine in Australia, which costs each tourist A$3,000 (£1,600; $2,100), will be replaced with a seven-day home quarantine for vaccinated Australians or permanent residents. Unvaccinated travelers must still stay in hotels for 14 days. Qantas, an Australian airline, replied by stating that it will resume international flights a month earlier than anticipated, on December 18th.

New South Wales, the state which is home to Sydney, is on track to be the first state to cross the 80% threshold. The state of Victoria, which is home to Melbourne, is not far behind.

Because of pandemic limitations, Australian immigration is at its lowest level since World War II. The epidemic has also wreaked havoc on Australian institutions, which rely largely on overseas student fees. Students may enroll in other countries if Australia does not open its borders to them quickly, according to the education sector. “The next priority are highly skilled migrants who are doubly vaccinated, as well as students who are coming and going to Australia for their studies,” Morrison told Seven Network television.

“We will get international visitors as well, I believe next year,” Morrison added.

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