Maullika Rai: The Importance of Social Media to spread your brand

On the 10th of October, 2021, at 6 PM DXB, Miss Maullika Rai came to SP Jain to teach a workshop on how to make and market content and brands on social medias, specifically on Instagram. Miss Maullika is an Indian Instagram influencer with 36,000 followers and growing since her first post back in January of 2020. Her session talked on a lot of points regarding social media, some of which will be recapped here –

  • What is Social Media and why is Social Media important? – Social media is a platform defined by its interactivity , connectedness , and user-generated content. It is typically used for social interaction, access to news and information, entertainment, and decision making. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of social media in our lives.
  • What was the impact of COVID-19 on Social Media usage? – Social Media usage skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021 during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media not only became a platform for social interaction worldwide, it also became home to a variety of entertainment and creative content for people to pass the time while being stuck at home. It also became a huge stage for people to show off their creativity to the world right from inside their homes.
  • What does being an influencer mean? – Being an influencer truly means to take the concept of influence and GUIDE decisions of their viewers. It is a responsibility to be true to your audience and guide them towards the things you feel are right, and to not steer them to making bad decisions. Although some may think of it as just a hobby, it can quickly become a full-time job that requires more than just your free time once a month.
  • How to be an Influencer? – To be an influencer, you first start off from being a micro-influencer, with a smaller audience. You need to be creative, unique, passionate, and presentable. Try to incorporate a unique selling point into your content. WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT YOU that people might want to see over the million other accounts out there on the platform? And you have to be consistent with your content schedule.
  • What is Content? – Content is anything that can be expressed or showed-off to an audience through a platform. Content sells. But Good Content sells faster. And Unique Content sells the fastest.
  • How Can Content Increase Your Reach? – Uniqueness, impactfulness and meaningfulness sells. All audiences look for relatability and escapability from their daily lives in your content. You should find your primary platform and create content on it consistently. You can use that primary platform to later promote your secondary platforms as well and vice versa.
  • How To Get Noticed? – Engage with your audiences via comments, likes and replies. This creates a algorithmic chain where if a user comments, expecting a reply, your reply could show up in that user’s feed to their friends. You can also collaborate with other influencers and brands to increase your growth.
  • How To Earn Money From Social Media? –
    1. You can approach brands for collaborations on either of your accounts for a fixed sum or a cut via a promotional link. You can approach brands via Direct Messages on their accounts or emailing their Public Relations or Brand Awareness Teams. Sometimes brands may approach you as well. You can tag brands whenever you use their products, you can try to collaborate with them on a barter basis, and you can create content that you will make the brand notice you and/or your audience.
    2. Collaborate with other influencers, both bigger and smaller than you to increase the awareness that brands have of you.
    3. Promote other accounts or companies on your account. Talk about the content/product of the account/company and review it. Include an affiliate link with a certain cut that you will get through the link.
    4. Start your own brand of merch – Merchandise sells. It makes money. Fans love to buy merch of their favorite influencers, especially if the merch is good.

Follow Miss Maullika here –

To connect with her in further sessions about social media, join Maullika on Graphy on the 23rd of October –

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